Individual meetings in my home office sanctuary to develop interfaith spiritual practice, explore the everyday divine, discern what God might be asking of you, create sacred space to listen to the still, small voice within, and other ways to honor and explore the eternal Presence, the Mystery. Each meeting opens with a silent meditation framed by the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl.

By appointment: please contact me by text/telephone at: 761-2522 (area code 207). Or email me at:

 Essence of Essence:

The Emotional Path to Spirit

is a two-part audio course approximately two and half hours in length that I have recorded from my book Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit. Offered here for the first time as a complete and integrated audio course, it is available only through my web site. Each class – more of a conversation than a lecture – is a concise and convenient 14 – 15 minutes, with an opening meditation, a personal teaching story and concludes with a spiritual practice based on the lesson of the class. Listen to a short audio clip describing this course HERE.

We’re Gainin’: Collins Brook, A Maine Free School – A Memoir

– A Memoir is set in Maine during the turbulent 1960 & 70s. It chronicles a man whose traditional public and private schooling focused on the intellectual and physical, and how he discovered in Summerhill schools his emotional and spiritual life. Jacob Watson founded Collins Brook School and with volunteer help, built classrooms and dormitories. Democratic school meetings tackled challenges of optional classes, ‘magic meadow’, organic gardening, stealing, bullying, food, and raising animals. When a fateful plan to merge Collins Brook with another Summerhill school collapsed and his marriage ended, he found solace sailing the Maine coast and islands, then learned to listen to his still small voice within, became an interfaith minister and started another Maine school. With photographs, student writing, newspaper articles, bedtime stories and transcripts of school meetings.


Center for Grieving Children 1999
Humanitarian Award: Wise Management of Grief Seminar 2000
Beacon Hospice & Palliative Care: Caregiver of the Year: 2003, 2004
Bill Hemmens Award: Center for Grieving Children 2010
Huston Smith Lifetime Achievement Award for Interfaith Education from Council of Interfaith Communities – USA 2013