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Spiritual Lives

I offer Spiritual Companionship: opportunities to develop interfaith spiritual practice, explore the everyday divine, discern what God might be asking, create sacred space to listen to the still, small voice within, and other ways to honor the eternal Presence, the Mystery.

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About Jacob

Rev.Jacob Watson

Rev. Jacob Watson, D. Min. graduated from the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts & Interfaith Ministries and the University of Creation Spirituality. He was the founding Abbot of the interfaith Chaplaincy Institute of Maine. He served several Hospices as Chaplain and Chaplain supervisor.

A meditator for 40 years, Jacob is the author of Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit, and Enso Morning: Daily Meditation Gifts. His life is focused on teaching and writing, prayer and meditation.

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What is Spiritual Companionship
When the natural emotions have been expressed, the pathways of spiritual companionship provide openings into the spiritual realm. Often it is a life crisis such as a serious illness or death of a loved one or encountering the depths of depression and anxiety that precipitates deep spiritual questions. Such as: “Who am I? What gives my life meaning? How can I access my spiritual side? How can I create spiritual practices?”

Spiritual companionship addresses these questions. It is a gift to self to create the space and time to open and explore the spiritual quadrant. This could mean developing new spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and journaling to develop the revelation that you are a spiritual being.

In-Person or Remote
I am offering Spiritual Companionship: hour-long individual meetings in my home office sanctuary, or by Zoom if preferred.

$100/hr. No charge for the initial meeting to assess goals.
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Opportunities Provided
Spiritual Companionship provides opportunities to:
  • develop interfaith spiritual practices
  • explore the everyday divine
  • discern what God might be asking
  • honor the eternal Presence
  • learn how consciousness expresses itself in your being
  • experience the great silence; practice meditation
  • create sacred space to listen to the still small voice within


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  • Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit

    by Jacob Watson

    Packed with wise, fierce and gentle emotional and spiritual teachings that describe how our natural emotions clear a path to the spiritual life. Using a holistic model of health - body, heart, mind and soul - and illustrated by stories of tragedy, death, and illumination that guided the author through his personal healing.

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  • We're Gainin': Collins Brook, A Maine Free School- A Memoir

    by Jacob Watson

    At age 27, Jacob (then Dick) Watson and his wife Sharon founded Collins Brook School and, with volunteer help, built classrooms and dormitories. Democratic school meetings tackled challenges of optional classes, ‘magic meadow’, organic gardening, stealing, bullying, food, and animals.

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  • Enso Morning: Daily Meditation Gifts

    by Jacob Watson

    Presents over 160 Morning Blessing Letters to awaken, stimulate and deepen meditation and spiritual practice. Jacob uses poetic images and personal experiences of New England nature, the birds, animals, woods, and beaches of coastal Maine, to awaken readers to begin their day nurtured and encouraged to be themselves, joined with like-minded souls.

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