Morning Blessing Book Jacket“This simple and profound book, written from the depths of the soul, will touch your soul and awaken it to joy and courage and peace. It’s really lovely and peaceful and beautiful and tender. May this book get into all the hands of all those who need it.”
– Andrew Harvey

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Blessing Letters began as my own meditation first thing every morning. For a period of six months, I wrote one every weekday morning, in the quiet of the new day, before breakfast. As soon as a Morning Blessing Letter was finished, I emailed it to a list of colleagues and friends. Every letter is written in a carefully designed form to wake up, encourage and support health care workers and chaplains and others in their daily work with family, patients, caregivers and anyone they come into contact with during the day.
Each Morning Blessing Letter has seven brief focusing paragraphs:

  1. Welcome
  2. Silent meditation
  3. Affirmation of physical self
  4. Affirmation of emotional self
  5. Affirmation of spiritual self
  6. A specific blessing or intention for the day
  7. A gift for the day

It is my hope that you read Morning Blessing Letters to stimulate and deepen your own spiritual and meditation practice. I encourage you to use each paragraph to center yourself first thing in the morning, giving loving attention to each part of yourself as an intentional and practical way to nurture your whole being at the beginning of the day, and then to share your deepest and most loving self with the needful world. The book is illustrated with original Japanese Enso meditation circles, and contains an Introduction, and 50 letters, each with a gift for the day.

Sample Letter:

The early tender blue sky, our loving womb, holds us in this new day as lovingly as a new child, which we are.

No sounds come with this embrace, only the sweet and tender silence, holding us ……..

Notice how your entire physical self is touched all over by this new day, and as you gratefully allow it, every single part of your body is receiving the awakening energy.

So too does the soft morning welcome and greet your emotional body, seeking and encouraging you to acknowledge and express what you already feel.

And in this first flowing of your day, the feelings flush through, opening a path for your spirit to join all the other spirits here and there, everywhere.

May you feel in your bones your spiritual connections this day.

Your gift today is tenderness.