Here in Maine, the thick wet fog rolls slowly in from the Atlantic Ocean. The fog gathers density from the white surf breaking on the hard black rocks, first at the outermost islands: towering Monhegan, then low and long Damarisicove Island, safe haven for the men and women of the coast’s first fishing community. Then the fog moves on south down to the hulk of Sequin Island, then to tiny Halfway Rock with its tall stone lighthouse. After touching stately Jewell Island and the rest of the Calendar Islands, the fog lumbers onto the mainland at Portland, touching and enveloping all of us. Just as the fog is all around us, we are surrounded and touched and loved by the spirits of all who have ever walked this earth. Allow yourself now, as you hear these words in the present moment, to know and to feel this spiritual blanket surrounding you like fog. Now, as you breathe, you take in the thick texture of love and goodwill. So it is at this very moment, here and now. See how you welcome that which is already here, already yours. Use your five senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste and the sixth, intuition. Now, here you arrive, where you can live your life today. Now, finally you have arrived in your life and can be a part of it all. Now you can know and feel and enjoy and celebrate your being, leaving behind loneliness, embracing the fog as it embraces you. Be yourself without being alone, but with your self being surrounded by all the love you will ever need, ever.