More than a workbook for personal growth, Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit is a practical guide to emotional and spiritual development. Jacob describes in detail the emotional path to healing past wounds, and how this path leads naturally into spiritual realms. Jacob shares stories of his personal spiritual evolution, growing up in a New England family, starting the alternative Collins Brook School, his career as a grief counselor, helping start the Center for Grieving Children, leading workshops with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and founding the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine. Each chapter begins with a meditation and ends with a spiritual practice. It is available now in local book stores and on Amazon. Click here to order.

“A vital, valuable and important book; clear, simple and compelling. His message is unmistakable and moving: he describes ‘catching fire’ in both literal and physical ways. His feelings blaze with authenticity and passion, some painful, some humble with grace.” – Rev. Cindy Castleman, Hospice Chaplain

“Part memoir, part learned treatise, part practical manual, Essence captures the considerable wisdom that Jacob Watson has absorbed in his many years as a spiritual seeker, practitioner, teacher and mentor. It is deeply felt, gracefully expressed and pragmatically structured to enrich the hearts, minds and souls of readers. A worthy addition to every spiritual aspirant’s library of treasured books.”  – Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation: How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

“In Essence, Rev. Jacob Watson reveals ways we can attune to the spiritual side of life, and gain greater serenity, joy and fulfillment.  This is a beautiful, gentle, and very wise book – a marvelous gift to a world that is in great need of its message.” – Larry Dossey, MD, author of Prayer is Good Medicine

It will be available in local book stores and on Amazon. Click here to order.

More Reviews:

“This book is a “must” for anyone who longs to explore and deepen their spiritual life. It explores the emotional blocks that keep us from fully realizing ourselves as the spiritual beings that we are and reveals to us ways to uncover and unravel these blocks so we can be who we truly are.” – Rev. Joan Uraneck

“This is a beautifully written book that chronicles Reverend Watson’s struggles, epiphanies, and developed spiritual wisdom. It is a story that is tender and wise, and written in a way to encourage the reader, thru suggested exercises at the end of each brief chapter, to internalize some of the learnings and teachings. If you can read only one book about spirit this year, take my word for it; this is the one.” – Gracie Cleaves

“This is an extraordinary book from an extraordinary man. He has taken the road to individuation with bravery and wisdom. Essence is the distillation of his experiences on that road and a guidebook for our own journeys to Spirit. He is revered as a teacher and healer by those who know him, and now he presents us with core suggestions for living the authentic life of meaning and purpose. His candor and humanity is refreshing.” – Carol Louise

“This gentle, honest book provides a set of guideposts for exploring one’s true essence. Through personal anecdotes, meditations and exploratory exercises, the Reverend Jacob Watson shows us that it is possible to connect with our authentic selves. His is a voice of true wisdom and experience.” – Dr. Lisa Belisle

“An engaging read with both practical and personal examples of life’s unfolding journey. The author shares his story as part teacher and part healer, is considerably sensitive and very wise. Essence may help you to give up the attempt for salvation and get down to the task of taking care of yourself, developing your own soul and opening up to spirit through your own gifts.” – Rev. Frances Bagdasarian, Board Chair: A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy

“A beautiful book that touched my heart and soul. I love the title; Jacob is a beautiful writer.” – Maria Burke, R.N., Founder/director of Celtic Angels Inc., home health care agency

“If you read Jacob’s professional and personal book called ESSENCE, you may never need another book of this sort. The fact that his title includes both emotions and spirit foreshadows the depth and breadth of this inclusive work. His anecdotal stories of his own life, his own darkness, his own struggles and joys let the reader know there is a wise and real person behind the beauty of the clinical information also skillfully delivered.” – Susan Young